Drawings by Owen Lawrence

Last Updated Sunday, Nov. 6, 2020

Somehow I got it into my head that I want to learn to draw. Here are some drawings I've done. (The ones with outlines can be clicked for higher resolution.)

Self portrait 2020-11-06
Woman at window 2020-10-22
Dancer 2019-12-31
Summer Garden
Fifth Depot Lake
Julia Martin
Petrie Island
Noble Bay
Model from "Glow" magazine
Another model from "Glow"

A drawing of an eye
The view of the lake from my own private beach
on Stratton Lake when I went solo canoing,
summer of 2008

My feet...
This was my first ever attempt to draw any part of myself.
My left foot isn't really that wide.
The heads I copied from a book about figure drawing.
My hand...

Picasso's original drawing of Igor Stravinsky
My copy of Picasso's drawn upside down
so as not to bias my drawing by my symbolic left brain
My copy of Picasso's drawing, right side up

This one started out as the scratch pad
where I sharpened my pencil when I was a draftsman, back in 1986.
It looked at bit like water so I added some pond effects.